Simple Tweaks that Will Lower Your Heat and Cooling Insurance Costs

Everyone loves low electricity bills. This can make life a lot easier when working on budgeting. With low utility bills, you can decide to direct your money saved to other meaningful projects around the home.

However, winter and summer normally come with their fair share of challenges, in particular, higher energy bills. This can put a strain on your finances and lead to procrastination on some of the important projects that you might have planned for.

7 Ways to Improve Home Efficiency

Fortunately, there are several ways of reducing heating and cooling costs with a few simple do-it-yourself home remedies. The following suggestions are proven techniques that work every time.

1. Install New Weatherstripping on Doors and Windows

A high amount of heat is normally lost through doors and windows without the knowledge of homeowners. Even when you close the openings, so long as the weatherstrip is damaged, an unwanted circulation of air will still continue. These heat leaks can easily be prevented by changing worn out and torn weatherstripping from time to time.

Find out the shelf life of the weatherstripping you intend to buy to determine how long you need to take to change it.

2. Minimize Your Door Threshold

If the spaces between your door and threshold are large, high heat loss is also inevitable. You might not notice this at first, but the implications are evident in a month of high energy bills.

Avoid this problem by choosing thresholds that have screws which allow you to make necessary adjustments to them. Turn the screws in an anticlockwise direction to reduce the amount of light that passes through the door. This is a perfect sign that heat loss through the gap will no longer be a problem.

On the contrary, make sure the door moves freely above the threshold without dragging on it.

3. Invest in Portable Heaters

The market is filled with different brands of portable heaters. Besides the brand name, the difference also lies in the benefits offered by each manufacturer. Always consider the power usage of a particular device when shopping for portable heaters. Moreover, consider the price of the device as well as its shelf life.

You can substitute the heater with your furnace when the temperatures drop too low. This will lead to huge savings on your electricity bill and better living conditions during winter.

4. Cover Windows and Patio Doors with Plastic Film

Covering openings and entrances that are not often used is also a neat trick to reduce your energy costs. Use a transparent film to cover these openings to end up with a heat insulated home.

5. Prevent Cold Air from Escaping through the Chimney

Perhaps one of the biggest culprits when it comes to heat loss during the winter season is a chimney. This usually happens when you do not light a fire under your chimney, which is common for most homes.

To avoid the cost of buying firewood frequently during winter, you can opt for an inflatable balloon to cover the opening under the chimney. This will prevent heat loss by a large percentage, which consequently translates into huge cash savings.

6. Seal Holes in the Ductwork

Inspect your ductwork at the attic or the basement for holes or misaligned connections. Call in a technician to do any repairs on the ductwork, or you can do it yourself. Research shows that about 20 to 30 percent of heat is normally lost through the ducts that are poorly connected or damaged. In that case, this will be a huge leap in your energy conservation strategies and will reduce energy costs.

7. Get a Programmable Thermostat

Smart programmable thermostats are more economical to use than manual ones regardless of their cost. They routinely detect changes in room temperature prompting a change by either increasing or lowering the temperature in the home or individual rooms.

Lowering your energy bill can take a small amount of effort from you if you are devoted to the cause. The tips mentioned above can be used effectively at different times of the year. For more boiler quotes uk and other heating tips. These methods can be used on their own or together to offer the most benefit.