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Wall hung washing lines are a fantastic idea! It not only saves on space, but it is also only visible when you want it to be. Wall hung washing lines are sturdy and can hold plenty of laundry.

When choosing a wall hung washing line it is important that you make sure that the size of the wall hung washing line is correct. Wall hung washing lines are great for people with limited space. Even though it’s small in size the rotary shaped lines means that you can still get a good few metres (around 24 metres) of drying space, which is enough for big load of laundry, so it’s a good option as a substitute to a single washing line if you have limited space or a small garden.

Mounting the retractable eco washing line wall hung washing line unit is easy when you follow the instructions. The instructions to hang the wall hung washing line often have tips on how to drill the holes into the wall and a special tool which is easy to use.  Wall hung washing lines are easy to work and can be opened by hand. It is also easy to collapse and fold neatly away. Wall hung washing line units also comes with covers, which keeps it dry, tidy and clean.

The lines on the outside are longer than the inside lines in length. It is wide enough for sheets but double sheets and bed covers needs to be folded or put over a corner. The space between the lines allows for good circulation of air between clothes. Washing nearer the wall will take longer to dry but with the line being mounted outside it wouldn’t take too much time.

Its a good, robust design and provides enough drying space for a full load. If you’re struggling for outside space for drying clothes then the wall hung washing line comes highly recommended.

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