Portable Wheel Chair Lifts For When You Travel

Portable Wheelchair Lifts

Portable wheelchair lifts are the high quality mobility equipment which facilitates the handicapped person an easy accessibility. This equipment is designed to provide comfort for movement on stairways as well as other areas. Portable wheelchair lifts are the perfect solution for the active handicapped person who travels a lot.

Portable wheelchair lifts are applicable for both residential and commercial use. With this piece of equipment, the wheelchair user is able to reach any area in residential as well as commercial establishments such as hospitals, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, as well as offices. In addition, this lift is able to provide easy access to stages, outdoor bleachers, and any elevated platforms.

Portable wheelchair lifts are deigned with platforms which enable the lifts to wheelchair with some different models and size, such as conventional adult wheelchairs, child wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and ports wheelchairs. In order to ensure the safety during movement, portable wheelchair lifts are equipped with high quality safety features such as interlocked seatbelt, non-slippery loading ramps, easy to use controls, parking brake, and some others. However, each model may offer you different features.

The features portable wheelchair lifts offer you are very crucial. Features are the essential issues which can support the performance of the unit. Logically, wheelchair lift with complete features can provide you a more reliable performance. Therefore, you have to carefully think about it beforehand. The following are some options of portable wheelchair lifts for you.

Mobilift CX Portable Wheelchair Lift

Mobilift CX can be one of the portable wheelchair lifts which worth considering. It is a unique vertical platform lifts which does not need connection to an AC outlet or battery. This is completely hand powered so that it does not need hydraulic components so that it is easier to maintain.

Although this hand powered, this mobilift CX is simple to operate. It only needs 5 pound force for lifting 150 pounds and also 11 pound force to lift 300 pounds. It is able to lift at the maximum height of 60 inches with the time needed is 20 seconds. This option of portable wheelchair lifts will be the right option for you.

This option of portable wheelchair lifts is also equipped with some great features including manual crank standard drive system, solid aluminum platform type, standard platform with the size of 34 inches by 56 inches, adjacent access platform configuration, standard grab rail, and manual folding.

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Garaventa Super-Trac – Portable Wheelchair Lift

Another alternative of portable wheelchair lifts is Garaventa Super-Trac. This wheelchair lift is ideal to be used for any kind of wheelchair. It is a portable wheelchair lift which is able to provide quick and affordable accessibility in stairways. It also has a unique platform design which is able to accommodate all wheelchair types including child, support, power, and also conventional adult wheelchairs.

This option of portable wheelchair lifts is designed to provide some ease. It can be easily operated. It is a robust wheelchair lift which comes to you with great features. If you are looking for practical and functional portable wheelchair lift, this Garaventa Super-Trac will be the right answer for you.